April 20, 2021
Contact: Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit

Press Release

! People First Party

President: Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit

Email: [email protected]





Stop China Buying Australia

People First Party President, Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit, will be leading a demonstration at State Parliament, Brisbane, 2:00pm, Saturday 10/04/2021 demanding that the sale of Australia’s assets and resources be stopped immediately and crucial sales/leases be reversed.

Mr Armstrong-Schmakeit advises “Australians are seeing their country being sold down the river by a political hegemony who all too often don’t appear to have the interests of Australia or Australians at heart. The Party I lead is determined that our farmland, our water, our power, our ports, OUR COUNTRY, should not be sold off to foreign powers with no interest in our country other than making off with all our resources.”

Mr Armstrong-Schmakeit adds “The Party I lead will represent the ever-growing number of Australians anxious as to what sort of country this is becoming. They want to see a Party that believes in our own future and we will provide that for them.”


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